This is Peter

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He's an astronomer and maker

He builds hardware and software for research in astrophysics and air quality.

Ok, where does he work? 🤔

Peter primarily works in Switzerland, but sometimes also in Chile and the UK

Since 2022, he has been a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, working with Nobel laureate Didier Queloz. He is also a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge.

Cool. What does Peter do there? 🧐

He is working on modernising ground-based astronomy

Peter loves automation, simplifying the complicated, and working with teams. He has written and architected software to remotely control observatories in Chile and Mexico. He's also been leading a robotic upgrade for the ETH Zurich telescope for teaching, exoplanet research, and outreach. In his spare time, he's been pursuing statistical methods for air pollution hotspot detection.

Nice! What's his experience?

Peter completed a PhD in astrophysics and founded an air quality monitoring initiative

He gained skills in data modelling and analysis, hardware design and manufacturing, procurement, and full stack web development. In his PhD, he successfully introduced a new type of infrared camera to ground-based astronomy. In parallel, he founded a novel air quality monitoring initiative targeted at low-to-middle income countries, working with partners such as the UN and C40 cities.

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